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We would like to give you a short explanation on the registration process. After you click on REGISTER and enter the required information, you will be sent a code. You will need this code throughout the registration process and later on, as it identifies your clinic and patients, giving you a quick response in the most professional manner. This code will only be activated upon completion of payment procedures in accordance with the specific number of licenses purchased.


DHEA Horizon does not accept any identifying details of patients. Instead, each client will receive an identification number. Once a month, in accordance with the number of authorizations acquired, the DHEA Horizon team will send the director/practitioner recommendations for each patient by identification number. The doctor is free to decide, at his discretion, to adopt or reject our recommendations.


The registration procedure is as follows:


  • After submitting the registration form you will be sent an email with a code and a link for payment. This is the means by which you purchase a membership for your clinic and treatment for individual licenses.
  • After payment has been rendered, you will be asked to supply the names of the practitioners so that we can be in contact with them. The practitioners will get identification numbers for their patients. Each patient will be identified by this code generated by our system.
  • Once a month the practitioners will be required to send us the results of a few blood tests. They must also ensure that patients take several cognitive tests via computer.
  • Once the data is received by DHEA Horizon, our recommendations will be sent to the doctors within a short time.


The duration of treatment is between one and three months.



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